Digital radios Mototrbo
Radios Motorola Ht and 0ff-line Móveis: maintenance, location and accessories carrying battery antenna clips phone layer
Radios Walkie Talk 0ff-line Talk about or without homologation “not commercialized”

Radio communication for companies - Leader Resale Premium Certif. in Brazil

Acent group Radio Communication

Radio communication - Better solutions in Radio communication for its company

The ACENT Radio communication Resale Premium Motorola offers the best solutions in communication for its company through the portfólio of Motorola products. The Acent Group Resale Premium Motorola Certified Hexa commercializes systems of Radio Communication of next generation with high performance, being recognized as Leader Resale Premium Motorola Certif. in Brazil amongst companies of radio communication in the “Fidelização de Clientes”, work this that, for we is routine, therefore the satisfaction of our customers is our main objective.

Bidirectional radio communication (communication for voice)

Radiocomunicador Motorola of high quality and durability, with a vast line of accessories for solutions customizadas for all the market segments.

Radio Communicator

Possuimos has storaged of portable radios UHF, radio VHF, radio of portable communication, transceivers, amateur radio motorola talkabout

EP450, DTR620, XTN, EP150, Talkabout, VLR150, PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150, PRO5150, PRO5150 the Elite, PRO7150, PRO7150 the Elite, PRO9150.

Mobile and Fixed Motorola radios
EM200, EM400, PRO3100, PRO5100, PRO7100

Motorola repeaters
GR1225, GR400, GR500, Basic 2 radios, Mototrbo DGR6175, MTR2000

Transmission given to Way Radio - Wireless Nets
Solutions of communication of data saw radio. Computer networks without wire - wireless for companies and industries. Nets/Intranets of high performance (Given/to Voice/Image on IP).

Digital radios Mototrbo
DGP4150, DGP6150, DGM4100, DGM6100, DGR6175


MoniVox Classic and PLUS


Beepers, sinalizadora bar Giroflex and Sirenes for automobiles, motions, and companies.

Troncalizados radios

PRO5350, PRO7350, PRO5550, PRO7550, XTS1500, XTS2250

Consoletes Motorola Professional

MC1000, MC2000, MC2500, MC3000

Motorola certifications in Radio communication
Resale Premium Motorola Hexa-Certified 2009
MSP - Partner of Motorola Solutions
MOTOwi4 - Motorola Wirelles Field Engineering

Services of Repair and I fix in the radio portable, fixed communicator, mobile and repeating.
We give to assistance services technique, original sales of radiocomunicadores and accessories, location and maintenance of radio communicator motorola. Assistance technique radio motorola radios, Maintenance, Location and Sales of accessories of new model of portable radio and already discontinued such as: PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150, SP10, SP50, P110, GP300, GP350, GP68, Spirit, GM300, M120, M130 and SM50.

Motorola Canopy - Nets Wireless 5,7 Ghz Billboard
Canopy - all line of products

Canopy AP and Cluster (Point of Central Access)

Canopy SM (Customer - Subscriber)

Canopy Lite (Ideal for suppliers)

Canopy Advantage
Canopy Backhaul 10 20 Mbps
Canopy Backhaul OFDM 30, 60, 150 and 300 Mbps
Motomesh Duo

Software Canopy Prizm

Resale Motorola Premium
It consults price radio for purchase binding for 800 77-55-200 (other states) or (11) 3522-3220 (been of São Paulo). We take care of Brazil all

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